Track your JIRA tasks with DeskTime

Integrate DeskTime time tracking app with your JIRA project management software

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How to track your JIRA tasks with DeskTime:

  • Create a DeskTime account and install the DeskTime app

  • From your DeskTime dashboard, go to Settings, then Integrations

  • Find the JIRA integration and press Activate

  • Log in to your JIRA account and allow the access

  • Your projects and tasks from JIRA will automatically be imported to DeskTime

  • Go to the DeskTime app, choose a project or task to track and start the timer

Stay organized

With the DeskTime + JIRA integration, all your tasks from your project management software will automatically appear in your time tracking app. That means, no manual copy-pasting or tasks lost between the apps. Just pick the task from the list on DeskTime and start tracking!

Stay in the loop

See who from the team, when and for how long has worked on certain projects and tasks. That way, you'll be able to estimate the status of your projects without asking for reports that make employees think you don't trust them.

Stay on budget

By knowing how much time you spend on each project or task, you'll be able to precisely calculate how much they cost to the company. Or better yet - just fill in your employees' hourly rates into DeskTime, and it'll calculate the costs automatically for you.