Connect DeskTime with Outlook - time tracker integration for your calendar app

The only Outlook + time tracker integration you'll need! Sync your meetings and appointments, and automatically log offline time

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Sync your calendar events with Outlook integration

Sync your calendar events with Outlook integration

All tasks added to your Outlook Calendar will automatically show up on your time tracker app. Your time tracking data will be much more precise, as it will also include the productive time spent away from the computer.

Use the Outlook time tracker to see where your employees are

Don't be that boss who makes their employees report where they are at all times. With the DeskTime + Outlook integration, you can quickly check what your employees are doing when they're not at their computers - if the event is added to their work calendar, you'll see whether they're out for a meeting, at a conference, or at some other work-related event.

Use time tracking for Outlook to bill your customers

The Google Calendar time tracker integration reminds you to log the time you’ve spent away from your computer - either in meetings or other work-related events. Get more accurate productivity reports with less effort.

How does the Outlook + time tracker integration work?

Step 1: You or your employees add a new event to their Outlook Calendar - whether it's a meeting, business lunch or training

Step 2: DeskTime checks your calendar entries, then runs them against your tracked time

Step 3: If there's an idle time slot that corresponds with an event from your calendar, DeskTime automatically fills the idle time period

How to activate the DeskTime + Outlook integration


Create a DeskTime account and install the DeskTime app


Under Settings, find the Outlook Calendar integration


Log into your Microsoft account and press Yes to allow DeskTime to access your calendar


To enable the integration during work hours only, Outlook Calendar settings from DeskTime, check the box "Work hours only" and click Save.